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Tubular Flexible

EUROHEATER´S flexible tubular heaters are available in round section 6.5 mm D / 8.5 mm D and square section 6 mm x 6 mm/ 8 mm x 8 mm. These are available in various sizes (see table) and can be bent by hand to fit into nearly any 2D or 3D contour and groove.

Special resistance to the main feature of adapting to any form, highly flexible and malleable, this feature generates a high efficiency when delivering heat for its easy adaptability to the shapes and contours that need to be heated.

  • Hot runner systems
  • Welding bars
  • Technical possibilities & options.
  • Square section flexible heaters provide high efficiency due to a contact surface of 76%.
  • Optimal conduction due to braided metal sleeve outer sheath.
  • Maximum length 2600 mm.
  • Bend radius minimum 12 mm resp. & 14mm. in the middle.
  • Standard voltage 230 V.
  • Connection type M3 resp. M4 threaded pins.