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Coil Heaters

Micro Tubular Coil Heaters are manufactured in two standard diameters, 1.5 mm and1.8mm (0.059” & 0.07”). These heaters are swaged and compacted to these diameters and fitted into special clamps to tighten over circular parts for heating purpose.

The 1.8mm diameter Micro Tubular Heater is formed into a coil of predefined dimension and equipped with a special cover for easy fittment. This special cover called Axial clamp allows front end loading and adjustability. Such easy handling saves hours of downtime in case of heater failure in a Multi - Cavity mold. These heaters are offered with staggered.

Resistances microtubule or Coiler type are small diameter resistance, but of high calorific value for electrical heating is needed in very small spaces and small. The heater wire is of the highest quality market with a thin outer layer and covered by a sheath of stainless steel, prepared for a process of compaction is achieved with longer life and become very hot.

Resistance can take shape as required, thus conforming to the basic needs of each client. Solid surfaces can be heated well be straight (blade or folding), in a helical (pipes, injection nozzles) or other geometric shapes as needed.

Also compared to other companies, we can manufacture resistors as for our customers according to their technical indications and quantities you require from a single unit until they are required.

1. Coiler Section

1,3 x 2,3

2,2 x 4,2

3,0 x 3,0

1,8 x 3,2


4,6 x 8,6

2. Special models

Special Model 01

Special Model 02

Special Model 03

Special Model 04

Special Model 05

Special Model 06

Special Model 07

Special Model 08

3. Benchmark measurement chart

Total length [mm] Caloric length [mm] Power [W]
290 250 195
320 280 215
375 335 240
425 385 295
500 460 350
560 520 400
640 600 460
800 760 610
940 900 690
1150 1110 850
1350 1310 950

3. Type of Output

Economical, practical and reliable heating source. Used for hundreds of applications commercial and industrial heating. From straight-cut rectangular format are suitable for forming helical shaped peaks around hot runner or cylindrical. There are a variety of models available in different length, power and with or without embedded thermocouple. Are protected by flexible tubes EPTFE by Mayan flexible stainless steel, stainless steel tubing, and through a spaghetti siliconized glass fiber.