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Nozzle & coiler special

Compared to conventional method of heating machine nozzles with Mica Band Nozzle Heaters, PHP offers a High Performance Heater which has many advantages. This product has evolved out of experience and regular heater failure complains of plastic processor around the globe. It has a very robust design and can perform efficiently even where polymer spillage is a regular feature. They can be manufactured with built-in thermocouple, thus can be controlled very accurately while processing sensitive materials e.g. Nylon 66 with 40% glass filled.

Nozzle & coiler special

A coil heater is mounted onto a Brass Collet which is designed and machined to high accuracy for better heat transfer and covered with a Chrome Nickel Steel clamping band. Upon tightening the clamping band, brass collet firms its grip over the nozzle, resulting in a very even fit for efficient performance. Coil Heaters, which are designed for use in hot-runner molds, when applied in such conditions works wonders.

As the name indicates this is a coil heater cast in brass having an outer casing of Stainless steel. Available with an added feature of built-in-thermocouple, applications of these heaters are quite similar to coil heaters but have some advantages over the latter.

    Flat coil heater, accurate and reliable to optimize the operation of guns and other coupling components.

    Available with or without internal thermocouples, type J or K The flat coil heater can be accommodated by the design of the nozzles to minimize material usage. The contact surface maximizes the heated length.

EUROHEATERS offers a wide range of options to improve performance, including:

Stainless steel cover and bronze (interior / exterior) with rings at the ends sealed to prevent corrosion and reduce wear.
Brass inlay to create a high thermal mass surrounding the heater to improve performance at high temperatures, and extend the life of the heater.

The head resistant transition.Lead High temperature and potting options.
Wide variety of standard options and customized output.


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