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Halogen Heater Lamps

We are a manufacturer and exporter to specialize in all kinds of halogen heater lamps, including infrared heat lamps for industrial process, ruby slim heater lamps, Ruby jacket halogen heater lamps, Helen (gold) lamps for heater and gold reflector heater lamps( single tube and two tube).

Halogen Heater Lamps

Our products are mainly exported to European markets( including Italy, France, Germany, Uk, Ireland and Denmark), Middle-East markets, South-East markets, Korea and Brazil markets etc. Our products are passed ISO9001, ROTHS, CE certified.

Benefits and features
  • Long life: 5000h on average.
  • High speed: within a second to switch on.
  • High efficiency: more than 85% heat efficiency of full power
  • High power density: up to 110 W / cm
  • High controllability: neither ballast nor special circuits are necessary for basic usage.
  • No air draughts: because of radiation (like solar energy)
  • Clean and odorless: no risk of contamination over environment or target object to be heated.
  • Extensive assortment: many types of voltage, wattage, length, base, cables, universal burning position is available.
  • Flexible: special lamp designing service on demand is available
Application area
  • Pre-heating of PET perform
  • Silicon wafer manufacturing process in Semiconductor
  • Drying process in paper mill
  • Plastics thermoforming
  • Fusing printing ink
  • And various kind of drying processes

Medium-wave transmitters

HF communications


Fitting the quartz tungsten emitters in reflectors of high reflectivity maximizes output and gives a rigid, robust assembly.

The reflectors are equipped with specialized R7 insurance holders and allows easy installation of heaters with quartz tungsten R7s terminations.

  • 12 to 1000 Volts
  • 300 ° C (572 ° F) support the temperature
  • Up to 120 W / m output

FType R7s Ceramic brackets used to mount items with the conexiíon R7s type:

Regulating Self heating cables
  • Maximum voltage: 250V A.C.
  • Maximum current: 8 th
  • Maximum Temperature: 350 ° C
  • Connection: 190mm long. PTFE insulated cable (max. 250 ° C).
  • Fasteners: M4