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Drum and Silicone Heaters

Drum Heaters facilitate the handling of solidified or viscous materials like adhesives, waxes, tar, chemicals, oils etc. They eliminate cumbersome methods and high investments, associated with steam and oil or fire wood heating.

Strip Heaters

Flexible Drum Heaters can save time by heating stored viscous fluid to a pourable temperature. The heater is built to be tough, long lasting, and resistant to chemicals. Because few materials stick to its silicone rubber with fiberglass reinforced construction, it is easy to clean. The heater comes with a 6-foot cord and plug (120V only). When not in use, it rolls for convenient storage. The total wattage (number of heaters) and the material being heated inside of the drum must be considered when determining the actual temperature to which that specific material can be heated.


Drum Heaters consist of a cylindrical metal cover carrying the flexible heating elements. A 2" thick thermal lagging of glass wool provides insulation and the metal casing makes for a rugged unit that can be wrapped snugly around the drum. The Drum Heater is hinged, and is mounted on castors for convenience. A base heater, also encapsulated in metal provides bottom heating. Control Panel incorporating thermostatic control is provided with the heaters.


    Electrical resistance heaters are electric heaters manufactured by the interposition between the layers of dielectric insulating material (silicon) made ​​of a resistive circuit innovative technologies such as etching foil, inks or pastes tank.

    In this way, elements can be constructed with very thin flexible, which can adapt well to the observations of the surface to be heated which are placed in direct contact to allow for better heat exchange.

Technical Data:
  • Working voltage: 24 to 250 V AC / DC
  • Power: 6500 W maximum
  • Stocking density according to Table
  • Thickness: 1.5 - 5 mm
  • Maximum length: 2.5 m
  • Maximum width: 1.0 m
  • Maximum heating area: 2.5 m2
  • Radius of curvature: R 50 mm
  • Connections: Cable vulcanized silicone
  • Power Tolerance: ± 10%
  • Temperature: 60 to + 200 ° C, with peaks of short duration of + 250 to + 300 ° C
  • Thermal conductivity to + 100 ° C: Approx. 15x10-4 W / cm K
  • Dielectric strength: 12 kV / mm
  • Approvals: VDE 0700 part 1, DIN EN 60335